Confident Choice is designed as a stand-alone web application that inexpensively integrates with your technology.


The primary corporate client for Confident Choice® is the head of sales, marketing or distribution for consumer finance-related offerings such as investments, retirement income, life and health insurance, and long-term care. Current clients include a national Medicare insurance distributor and a regional Registered Investment Advisor.


Confident Choice is a web service that is hosted remotely. Prospects, sales reps, and CSRs can access it directly on Confident Choice’s servers, or access it indirectly through the client organization’s web site and Facebook page. User inputs are sent to Confident Choice for analysis and results are returned. Either way, Confident Choice is designed as a stand-alone web application that inexpensively integrates with your technology, securely accepting and returning data without requiring changes to your infrastructure.


Confident Choice can be delivered to prospective customers interactively over the web and mobile devices, and by your representatives interacting with consumers over the phone and in person. It can be customized to integrate your offerings, research, and customer data, where appropriate. The interactive input screens and results can be branded and designed to meet the expectations of your end-users.


Confident Choice uses data from some of the most robust and reliable sources of consumer financial and insurance behavior. The data utilized includes the MacroMonitor, the largest comprehensive retail financial-services database and marketing program that has measured, analyzed, and interpreted consumer attitudes, behaviors, and motivations continuously since 1978, as well as government data sources and proprietary research.


Confident Choice can work in either an educational or an advisory regulatory and compliance structure. In the educational structure, a licensed agent or representative conducts the actual sale and provides advice. Confident Choice provides compliance-approved pre-sales educational information and support, but does not provide specific product recommendations. In the advisory structure, specific product recommendations are provided, along with the legal and compliance-approved disclosures. Prior to the close of a sale, validation and suitability review of the recommendations is required.


Confident Choice does not collect or retain any Non-public Personal Information (NPI) — the system retains only the demographic, psychographic, and needs-based information provided by the consumer and an alpha-numeric identifier. At no time does Confident Choice request or require any data that identifies a specific individual.


Clients have used Confident Choice as a training tool. Because it takes inputs from prospective customers and describes how they are likely to correspond to actual consumer purchase behavior, it is an excellent role-playing tool for people who are new to the sales or customer support process.